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So what are your floor protection options if you have a sled style chair? First of all what does a sled based chair look like. Well as the name suggests they tend to have legs that curl from the seat area all the way to the floor in a shape not dissimilar to a ski sled. Instead of the weight of the chair distributed across four individual legs, sled based chairs generally have two long sections where the weight is evenly distributed across the entire length.

Sled Base Chair Glides

Sled based chairs will have either a square or round tubular form. For the square style legs probably the easiest way to protect your floor is to use some type of self adhesive felt along the bottom of the chair. Look for a good quality felt with a high density that is not going to thin out quickly. Also pay attention to the adhesive. Some manufactures use double sided tape to adhere to the felt. Quite often this type of felt will come away from the adhesive, due to the constant weight and movement of the chair. Round tubular style chair legs are unique in there is only a small surface area under the leg that touches the floor. These chairs are fine on carpeted floors but for timber or vinyl floors they can be quite a problem.

Floor Protection Solutions

The solution is to use protectors that clip into the circular tubing and that have a protective felt or rubber underneath. Something similar to the picture on the left. We think felt is always a better option as it won't mark your floors and your furniture can slide easily in and out. Look for a high grade commercial plastic that once clipped in will not move around. As always a quality high density felt is also a must. 

Spending a little extra time and dollars sourcing the best floor protection products will not only save you money in the long run but also mean you are not having to install new felts every few months.



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