Buying Furniture Felt Protectors Online

Buying Furniture Felt Protectors Online - Flexi-Felt Australia

Choosing Quality Floor Protection 

In these modern times buying things online is something that is becoming more and more common. Not only are you able to browse a range of products from the convenience of your own home but these days with smart phones you can buy online from just about anywhere. So what are the things to look for when you are buying floor protection felts and other associated products to protect your floors from scratches.


Protective Felts

When deciding which protective felts for your furniture, there are a few things to consider. You really want to find a felt product with a high density and ideally made from natural fibers like wool. High density felts are very important because there is a lot of constant weight on chairs and furniture and if they are light on you will find they thin out very quickly. If you don’t keep an eye on them they will soon be scratching your floors again.

Adhesive Backing

The adhesive used to stick the felt to the furniture is crucial. Look for products where the adhesive is impregnated into the felt. Quality manufactures will use a commercial grade adhesive to ensure you have the best possible adhesion between the furniture and the felt. Keep an eye out or ask if the suppliers use double side tape to bond the felt. These sorts of products can often cause problems as the constant pressure on the felt take their toll, often resulting in a short lifespan as the felt delaminates from the double sided tape.


A lot of floor protection products for furniture are made in various sizes. If you are buying online how can you make sure you choose the correct size? Ideally you would want to see a sizing chart or measuring guide of some sort. Something you can download and print off which can be used to measure the furniture would be perfect.

Returns and Warranty

Reputable companies will have some sort of returns and warranty policy. If there is a problem with sizing or the like you want to be able easily return your purchase for the correct size. Make sure they allow for returns without excess restocking fees and similarly you want to find the company is willing to stand behind all their products with a suitable warranty.

 Furniture Felt Reviews

Many companies allow customers to review items they have purchased. This is a great way to see what people think of the product and the service they provide. Look not only to see if the products are as good as described but also the way the company has dealt with its clientele in the past.

Secure Encrypted Website

As most people are aware, look for that little padlock icon in the top of their browser. An encrypted website protects the user’s identities and passwords, protects, credit card transactions and has other safety features for the buyer. Basically, it just provides peace of mind for the online consumer.


Shipping for online purchases is significant part of your overall experience when buying things over the internet. Look for same day dispatch and express post. Preferably you would also like to see the company send you tracking information so you can see where your items are at any time. Many companies will offer free shipping for purchase over a certain amount. Also, look in the reviews section to see how previous customers shipping has been handled.


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