Retail Opportunities


From office supply stores to hardware stores and all points in between, being able to offer a wide selection of products that your customers can depend on is important for any company's success. That's why we work hard to create the best flooring protection products for all of our wholesale customers. If you're looking into our retail sales packages, you should have no trouble finding the right options to add to your retail store and expand the offerings you have for your customers.

It's easy to overlook the importance of what flooring protection products can provide to consumers, but once that you take a closer look at what our retail sales packages offer you'll see that keeping some of our most popular products in stock is a good idea for any retail provider.


Flooring Protection 101

Floors are one of the biggest investments a property owner will make. Whether it's a home office, a huge community meeting hall, a bar or pub, or something else entirely, when a hardwood floor is installed it will be something that showcases the style and taste of the business or homeowner that owns it.

But hardwood floors can be damaged relatively easy. Chairs and other furniture sliding back and forth across them is all it takes to quickly put scuffs and scratches in even the most durable finishes and woods. And over time, those scratches add up to a need for a major repair - a repair that can cost thousands of dollars. As such, adding a bit of protection to the furniture is something most will consider doing.

Consumers often seek out flooring protection like our felt strips, rolls, discs, and more. These items are attached to the bottoms of chairs and other pieces of furniture and allow the furniture to glide over the floor on a felt surface instead of scratching the wood. Installed properly, they're almost impossible to notice but will provide plenty of protection for the flooring.

This in turn helps reduce the need for repairs and saves property owners plenty of money over time. As such, there's a steady demand for flooring protection products. Stocking our retail sales packages lets you offer your customers the ability to protect their property easily, and being able to offer them products that they can depend on will help build loyalty to your store as well. 


Products You Can Depend On

We take pride in providing retail sales packages that fit every level of need and that our wholesale customers can depend on. There are plenty of reasons that we stand out as being the right choice when you need to offer your customers great flooring protection, including the following:

  • A wide range of different products in all sizes and shapes, letting you stock a full selection so your customers are able to find exactly the product that they are looking for

  • Products that are easy to use and that stay in place once they're installed. Your customers won't have difficulty using the products, and that simplicity is something that they can be thankful for.

  • Durability. Our industrial strength protective items are made to last, and won't wear out after a few months of use. Customers expect and deserve products that will work for them for years, and that's what we provide.

  • We offer is professional packaged in an attractive retail blister pack. This makes it easy to set up your display quickly and start selling all of our flooring products.

  • Low costs are important, and our retail sales packages are priced so that you can pass savings on to your retail customers. They'll get protection for a low price.

  • Our team also believes in providing support to all of our customers - especially our wholesale customers. From questions to concerns to problems, we're standing by and ready to help you.

  • We also have regular sales and special offers that we'll keep you posted on via email if you want, including new products and more. You'll always be able to provide your customers with the latest in flooring protection.

The bottom line is simple - no matter what you need to offer to your customers, we have retail sales packages that will fit. It's easy to add our products to your stores, and affordable as well.


Demand Is Growing

The demand for the products provided in our retail sales packages has always been high, but with rising costs of resurfacing and repairing hardwood floors it's increasing even more. There's a notable demand for affordable ways to protect a property, and customers are always looking for effective ways to do just that.

By offering a wide range of different retail sales packages, our protective products can let you offer your customers any kind of protection they need. From small home offices to large community halls, we have solutions that will work. With demand increasing, it's important that you are ready to offer your customers what they need. 

For more information on becoming a Flexi-Felt reseller please feel free to contact us to discuss this opportunity further.