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Sled Based Chair Glides


    1. Sold Individually
    2. Flexi-Felt’s Sled Based Chair Glides are the best available sled chair floor protector. Made of a transparent, high-grade plastic, they will protect your floors and your sled chairs. Flexi-Felt has an Antiroll System that guarantees the Flexi-Felt Glides will not move around or slip off once attached to the sled chair. Once installed, they are very difficult to remove. 
    3. Flexi-Felt offers their sled chair floor protectors in the following sizes- 10-11mm, 12-13mm, 15-16mm, 19-20mm, 22-23mm
  • These sizes are meant to fit the appropriate tubing size. The felt also comes in a light or dark color option to best fit your preferences. The sled chair floor protectors are sold individually. By ensuring a proper fit, Flexi-Fit guarantees that the noise and scratching typically associated with sled chairs will be significantly reduced.
    1. Sold Individually
    2. To find the right size simply measure the diameter of your chair tubing. One way to do this if you don't have callipers is to grab an adjustable wrench and tighten down on the tubing. Once you can go no further simply remove and measure with a ruler the distance between the two edges and you will have your diameter. Another way to do this is grab a tape measure or piece of paper and measure the circumference of the tubing. If using a piece of paper just mark on the paper where it comes back around to meet up with the start and then measure this distance on a ruler. Once you have the circumference measurement simply divide by 3.14 to get the diameter of the tubing. For example if the tubing circumference was 50mm, it would be 50mm divided by 3.14= 15.92mm. This would then mean just choosing the size that fits 16mm tubing. Simple! Just click on the size guide to work out which model will suit your furniture best.
    3. No Scratches, No Noise, No Problem, Guaranteed.
    1. Have a look at the videos to the left of screen to see the easiest way to install these sleds
Size Guide

Sled Based Chair Glides

Below is a guide to helping you choose the correct model for your tube style furniture legs. 


6010 10-11mm
6015 12-13mm
6020 15-16mm
6030 19-20mm
6035   22-23mm  



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