Industrial Strength Adhesive Felt Strips (19mm x 101mm)

Sale price$3.35
Felt Color: Light

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All orders are processed within 24 hours of the next business day here at Flexifelt.

Excellent Quality

With our high density wool blend felt and patent pending designs there is simply no comparison.

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We believe in all the products we sell. If for any reason your are not happy simply return them for a full refund.

Felt That Lasts

There is nothing in the market place that compares to Flexifelt's quality and durability


The strength offered by these strips is unlike that of any other furniture floor protectors. The team at Flexi-Felt attached one of these strips to a van, and then pulled. The strip should have come off, correct? It’s just a piece of felt. Not only was the Flexi-Fit felt strip strong enough to stay attached to the van, it was strong enough to PULL the van! If the felt strips are strong enough to pull a minivan, they are definitely strong enough to hold up against any forces placed on them by your furniture.


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