Why was Flexifelt Developed?

I like many of you was continually frustrated with the product options that were available to stop furniture from scratching and making noise on our expensive timber floors. I mean there were plenty of sticky felt options out there, but nothing seemed to last. That's why after much research and design the Flexi-Felt floor protection system was developed. Flexi-Felt is like nothing you have seen before! With a huge range of models to fit all types of furniture we are confident floor scratches will be a thing of the past. 

The Flexi-Felt Difference-

Many of the so called felt pads being sold through our larger retail chains are made using a cheap synthetic polyester felt stuck to an even cheaper grade double sided tape. You know the stuff……if it doesn’t fall off within a few weeks it pads down so thin that it’s of no use anyway. At Flexi-Felt we don’t use double sided tape and we certainly don’t use cheap synthetic felt. Instead using our patent pending process we impregnate a commercial grade adhesive into the highest quality wool blend felt on the market. The result is a product whereby the adhesive will never delaminate from the felt. All our felt is manufactured in Canada to the highest of standards. From our self-adhesive range to our popular Flexi-Felt clear models, all our products use the same high quality felt.

Meet the Team

Hi, my name is Stuart Brown and together with our small family team we are proud to distribute a range of flooring protection products to the marketplace. With a background of many years in the timber flooring industry including both residential and commercial floor coverings I saw first-hand how quickly a beautiful new floor can decimated by furniture that is not fitted with the correct protective materials. It doesn’t take long to ruin a newly polished timber floors worth 10’s of thousands of dollars. I knew there had to be better way and that's why I’m so passionate about our product range making a difference.


"The product is exactly what it claims to be and is available in many dimensions. Above all Stuart is passionate about customer satisfaction. I ordered some items which I had measured wrongly and he speedily replaced them. Industrial Strength Adhesive Felt"

- Ian Webbb -


"this has much more substance than my previous felt floor protectors. I don't have to worry about accidentally scratching my floor now, and it stays in place really well - still sticking well despite my moving my furniture around a lot."

- DJ McDerrmomt -


"The friendly service I received was excellent and the product is absolutely first class. I first bought this product 10 years ago and they are still on my chairs. I purchased 96 for new chairs I bought and the quality is excellent. 5 Stars definitely."

- Kim Darwen -

"After having my lounge move around & scratch my timber floor boards , I went about looking for a product to suit the job. My first mistake was to buy a cheaper Bunnings product that held on but let go not long after & made a mess on my floor…. After doing some research on line I stumbled across Flexi Felt Australia, sent them an e-mail letting them know about my problem & presto - Stuart supplied me with a product that from the get go of receiving the pads & upon close inspection, I knew it was fit for purpose and that it was going to do the job well as the product is made well … Moral to the story is to do your research & invest in seriously good quality products straight away, rather than spending almost the same amount on crap & having to replace them on a frequent basis.(More work with no results) so realistically I spent double the amount to fix what should of cost me half the amount!! Now, shall be making another order for my other Lounge. The perfect product to suit many other applications in the home in the quest to look after your assets.."
- Ante Planinic -


"Excellent quality product which is actually available in Australia (not overseas). Shipment was within 1-2 days each time ordered. Very easy to use . Will certainly buy again."

- Anonymous -


"Ordered the 19mm industrial strength adhesive felt discs for our new 6 chair dining setting. They slide quietly and trouble free on our tiled floor. We initially tried a cheaper product from Bunnings which were rubbish and broke down within 2 weeks. Can highly recommend the Flexi-Felt product."

- Anonymous -

"Got the wrong size initially, but once I had the right size, they are fantastic. Easy to put on. Very discreet. And LOVE that they are protecting my floors. Makes it so much easier to move the chairs and I don't cringe every time someone pulls a chair out from the table. Love them."

- Leanne Hegarty -

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