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Flexi-Felt Clear Floor Protectors


    1. Sold Individually
    2. Free Install Tool with all orders of 6825, 6835 and 6845 models. Install tool is not appropriate for installing the smaller 6815 and 6820 models.
    3. Flexi-Felt Clear Floor Protectors offer quality protection without nails, screws, or adhesive. These chair floor protectors are different than your typical floor protector, as they are a stretchable, clear material with a felt pad attached at the bottom. The clear portion stretches over a chair leg, giving you maximum protection for your floors without an adhesive mess, or without the fear of the chair floor protectors falling off over time. We are so confident about our product we offer a UNBEATABLE FELT WARRANTY guaranteeing that the felt will never separate from the plastic sleeve.
    4. The protectors vary in size, meaning they will fit any style of chair leg ranging from 15mm-51mm. The felt pad at the bottom of the protector is made of a soft wool blend that has proven to be extremely durable. The density of the wool is so high, it is practically impossible to wear down the felt on the pad, as many felt pads tend to do over time. They are guaranteed to leave no scratches behind.
    5. The Flexifelt clear range will fit most square and round leg shapes, however they are not really designed for rectangular or highly angled chair legs. If slightly out of square no more than 5mm they should fit fine. Just half the measurement of the two sides to get your sizing. Also if your chairs are slightly angled then no problem also, it's only if they start to get way off 90 degrees that they become hard to fit. If in doubt send us a message or picture.
    1. To find the right size simply measure the diameter of your round leg or the width of your square furniture leg. If you have a leg that tapers up then measure the widest part 20mm up from the floor. An easy way to work out an accurate diameter of a round tapered chair leg is as follows: grab a piece of paper and wrap it around the chair leg 20mm up from the floor. Where it comes back around to meet up place a mark on the paper and then measure this distance with a ruler. Once you have the circumference measurement simply divide by 3.14 to get the diameter of the leg. For example if the leg circumference was 65mm, it would be 65mm divided by 3.14= 20.7mm. This would then mean for a round leg you would simply choose the appropriate model number according to the size chart, in this case model 6820. Just click on the size guide below to work out which model will suit your furniture best.
    2. No Scratches, No Noise, No Problem, Guaranteed
    1. Please watch the videos to the left of screen to see best installation methods
    2. Free Install Tool with all orders of 6825, 6835 and 6845 models. Install tool is not appropriate for installing the smaller 6815 and 6820 models.
Size Guide

Sizing Guide Flexi-Felt Clear

Below is a sizing guide for each of our models to fit either a round or square furniture leg. You may find each model can stretch just a little further than these numbers but it requires a bit of effort.



6815 NA 15-18mm
6820 NA 19-22mm
6825 21-24mm 25-29mm
6835 28-32mm 35-39mm
6845 36-41mm 44-49mm



not just your floors, protect your furniture

The Flexi-Felt Clear Floor Protectors will also protect your furniture. The clear material is barely visible, but will protect the bottom few inches of your furniture from bumps, scrapes, and scratches – think of the head of the vacuum running into your furniture when you are cleaning your floors.

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