Choosing The Right Floor Protectors

Choosing The Right Floor Protectors - Flexi-Felt Australia

Quality Floor Protectors

So you have just had your new timber floors installed or sanded and they are looking spanking new. How are you going to protect them from all those furniture scratches as they they get moved around?

Probably the first and most important thing to look for in your furniture floor protectors is quality. Quality felt, quality plastic, quality adhesive.

Protective Felt

Keep a look out for felt with a high density that isn't going to quickly thin out from the weight of the furniture or from it being moved around a lot like dining chairs. All natural materials like wool are not only great for density but also for those that suffer from allergies.

Self Adhesive Felt 

Another thing to keep an eye out for is a good quality adhesive for your felt protectors. Many cheap brands use double sided tape attached to the felt, which you may find may delaminate pretty quickly from either the felt or the chair. If you can find felt protectors that use a commercial grade adhesive that is boned into the felt you will not only save yourself the frustration of continually replacing the felt but also making sure they don't fall off and start marking your floor.

Floor Protectors for different Furniture

Obviously there are many styles and shapes of furniture. So what is going to work best for you? Firstly have a look under your furniture legs, are they square, oval, round or a just a mixture? You will find most good manufactures will make many different sizes so all you have to do is measure the leg size, use the corresponding felt size and your done. Alternatively if you have odd shaped furniture legs you may find it better to buy a large piece and cut to match. To measure simply put the felt up against the chair leg and with a marker pen outline around the leg shape. Then using a pair of scissors cut out neatly and you should have the perfect size.

Sled Chairs Glides

For those chairs that have a sled style chair legs with round tubing there are products that will clip into the round tubing. On the underside there should be a good quality felt attached underneath. These come in different sizes to fit a variety of tubing sizes. In these look for quality plastic clips and high density felt. All good quality sled glides will snap lock into the tubing tightly and should not move around on the chair leg.

Overall if you are going to spend thousands of dollars on a new floor, think about spending a few extra dollars on some quality furniture floor protectors. It will be a decision you will not regret.

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