Not all castor wheels are created equal

Not all castor wheels are created equal - Flexi-Felt Australia

I know. I bet you’re wondering what the #%^& am I talking about. I recently learned that not all caster wheels are made the same. I’m not just talking about the obvious difference which is that some have an axle in the middle of the wheel with a bracket over it. I’m talking about the regular caster wheels that you have on casters of office chairs. There’re usually two wheels that make up these casters with a cover or fender like a bike wheel has. I learned that they’re not all made flat so that you have a flat smooth surface that rolls over the floor. Apparently, some manufacturers make them with an edge which makes un-moulding the wheels much easier during manufacturing. However, once installed on a chair, the chair is actually rolling on edges and not flat surfaces. Think of what this is doing to your floors.

If your floors are getting quickly damaged it may not be just the standard caster wheel causing the damage but the edge that the wheels are riding on. What can you do about this? Flexi-Felt has Caster Covers which help protect floors from hard flat nylon wheels but unfortunately, they don’t help those with the edge. The edge ends up cutting the Caster Cover. Just goes to show you what it can do to floors. So, if you have chairs with these types of wheels, the only option is to replace the entire caster. If you go with new hard nylon casters, make sure to use the Caster Cover to protect the floor from the nylon wheel.

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