Is there a solution if self adhesive felts keep falling off my small chair legs?

Is there a solution if self adhesive felts keep falling off my small chair legs?

When it comes to protecting your floors from furniture scratches and damage, self-adhesive felt pads have become a popular choice. However, these pads can present challenges, particularly when it comes to small furniture legs. In this article, we'll delve into the problems associated with self-adhesive felt on small furniture legs and introduce a possible solution.

What are some of the issues faced with self adhesives on small chair legs?

  1. Insufficient Adhesion: One of the primary issues with self-adhesive felt pads on small furniture legs is their inability to stay in place. Due to the limited surface area for adhesion, regular self-adhesive pads may fail to securely stick to tiny legs. This can lead to constant readjustment or pads falling off completely, leaving your furniture vulnerable to potential floor damage.

  2. Limited Durability: Traditional self-adhesive felt pads, especially those designed for small legs, often lack the necessary durability to withstand constant friction and movement. They may wear out quickly, requiring frequent replacements. This not only becomes inconvenient but also adds to the overall maintenance costs.

  3. Inadequate Protection: Small furniture legs can be particularly prone to causing scratches and dents on floors. Regular self-adhesive pads may not offer sufficient cushioning and impact absorption, leaving your floors vulnerable to damage. Inadequate protection can result in costly floor repairs or replacements, ultimately defeating the purpose of using floor protectors in the first place.

So whats a possible solution to this problem? 

Introducing Flexifelt Clears with Wool Blend Felt Bottoms. Flexifelt Clears are a game-changer, designed to address the challenges faced with small furniture legs. Here's why they are the ideal solution:

    1. Clear silicone sleeve: Flexifelt Clears use a vey strong silicon sleeve with a high density wool blend felt moulded into the bottom of the sleeve. These slide effortlessly over your chair legs and will not slip off, in turn offering peace of mind and reliable floor protection for chair legs with a small surface area.

    2. Unmatched Durability: With their wool blend felt bottoms, Flexifelt Clears excel in durability. The wool blend felt is known for its resilience, density and ability to withstand constant friction, ensuring a longer lifespan for the pads. This translates to reduced maintenance and replacement costs in the long run.

    3. Optimal Protection: Flexifelt Clears provide exceptional floor protection for small furniture legs. The wool blend felt bottom offers superior cushioning and impact absorption, preventing scratches and dents on your floors. The soft texture of the wool blend felt also reduces the risk of scuffing delicate floor surface.

  • When it comes to safeguarding your floors from potential damage caused by small furniture legs, Flexifelt Clears with their wool blend felt bottoms are the ultimate solution. Say goodbye to the problems associated with regular self-adhesive felt pads, such as insufficient adhesion, limited durability, and inadequate protection. Invest in Flexifelt Clears for reliable, long-lasting floor protection that ensures your furniture and floors remain in pristine condition. 


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