Chair Socks for Floor Protetors

Chair Socks for Floor Protetors - Flexi-Felt Australia

Just for the fun of it I did a web search for floor protectors. There’s a whole range of protectors available but the one that I find surprising (a polite word for what I’m actually thinking) is the chair sock. Did someone one day find that their floors were being scratched and decided to put their kids socks on the chair legs?  Not only that but some sites have these frilly little sort of booties, with lace or ribbons and floral material. I don’t know about you but maybe my great grandma would have uses them way back when that was the style but that definitely wouldn’t do in my house or anyone else’s house that I know of. Everyone to their own of course but  I like a floor protector that doesn’t take away from the appearance of my furniture. Imagine an expensive dining chair with little booties.

And what if you have pets like a cat or puppy. I bet they’d have a great time trying to pull them off or even your toddler. Even kids would have fun removing them or doing other stuff to them. That doesn’t help with protecting the floor.

Just buy good quality floor protectors that, when installed, are almost invisible

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