Commercial Floor Protection

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Commercial Floor Protectors

Many schools, sporting clubs and community halls spend tens of thousands of dollars having their timber floors sanded and polished to bring back to new. Fast forward two or three months and many have unsightly scratches and scuffs from furniture being moved around and grit on the floor from foot traffic.

An appropriate care and maintenance program will not only protect these floors but also extend the life of the floor before any re-coating or re-sanding needs to be done. Consider these costs? A typical basketball court is around 600 square metres. To sand and polish you are looking at around $35 per square metre. Thats is a $21000 investment to bring them up to new again. That is a significant amount of money and if you don't look after them you could be up for re-coat or re-sand in just a few years.

Commercial Floor Protection Tips

To ensure the life of your timber floor is extended to it's maximum their are a few things you must do

  1. Around doorway entrances make sure there is adequate floor matting to trap any foreign grit and dirt walked in on peoples shoes.
  2. Use a scissor mop or some form of static mop to regularly remove dirt and grit from the floor.
  3. Make sure any chairs, tables and other bits of furniture have some sort of soft floor protection under their legs. Things like quality protective floor felts or chair glides will ensure the floor doesn't get any scratches when they are moved around
  4. Who ever is in charge of looking after the floor will need a regular maintenance schedule to work to. It should include regular dry and wet cleaning intervals and using the specified cleaning solution for the coating on the floor.

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