What is Felt Anyway?

What is Felt Anyway? - Flexi-Felt Australia

Interesting Felt Facts

We buy felt pads to put on the bottom of our chairs but really don’t think of what an interesting product it is, so I’ve dug up a few facts about felt:

  • It doesn’t wear easily
  • It maintains its physical properties as it wears
  • It’s resilient. It can be compresses and released thousands of times without changing shape
  • Its great for polishing and protecting items such as floors
  • It can be exposed to the elements
  • It’s highly absorbent
  • It cuts with a clean edge that won’t fray or unravel
  • It can be cut to any shape, size or thickness
  • It’s excellent at reducing noises and vibrations
  • Can be made soft as wool or hard as wood

Wool Felt

Felt can be made with both natural fibers, such as wool, and synthetic fibers like acrylic and polyester. Wool felt has these additional properties:

  • Wool Felt is highly resilient, retaining its strength and unique properties for decades
  • Wool Felt is chemical resistant
  • Wool felt is a renewable and environmentally friendly resource.

When buying felt keep in mind the job that the felt must do. In the case of floor protection, you want a felt that is soft but durable, that isn’t like wood (look out for those really hard felts that are out there) and ideally environmentally friendly (one that contains wool Like the Flexi-Felt).

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