Keeping your Felt Protectors Clean

Keeping your Felt Protectors Clean - Flexi-Felt Australia

Keeping your Floors Scratch Free

No matter how we look at it, the dirt and muck that is tramped into our homes from our footwear is quite remarkable. Unfortunately this stuff doesn't mix well with newly polished timber floors and we end up with scratches and scuffs from from the dirt being trampled into the floor. So if you are like me it doesn’t take long for the vacuum cleaner, broom or mop to come out to clean up the mess.

My question to you however is, have you thought about keeping your floor protectors clean? There is every chance some of the felt under your furniture has picked up some dirt or debris and every time you move your furniture around you are scuffing up your floor.

Cleaning Felt Soloution

We can all agree, gouged and scratched floors will cost you a fortune in labor and floor replacement material.

Solution? Firstly make sure you have some sort of felt protection under your furniture in the first place and secondly make sure you keep them clean.

It’s simple, for the adhesive wool blend felt pads you have a choice of vacuuming them, wiping them with a damp cloth or rubbing another felt over the felt on the bottom of the furniture leg and seeing the dirt roll off.

As for the removable floor protectors such as the Flexi-Felt clear sleeves, sled base models or any of the tube and swivel models, simply remove the product, wash it under running water with a little dish soap, rinse well, let air dry and re-install them (be sure that they are good quality felt products, some may not be cleanable). Easy as that. So, for now, I wish you a gouged and scratch free floor while you tackle the everything else that needs to be done around the house.

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