Industrial Strength Adhesive Felt Discs 64mm

Sale price$4.95
Color: Light
Size: 64mm

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With our high density wool blend felt and patent pending designs there is simply no comparison.

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Felt That Lasts

There is nothing in the market place that compares to Flexifelt's quality and durability


You probably have not had much luck with felt pads in the past. Felt pads that you find in local hardware or retail outlets are cheaply made, and are a virtual guarantee to fall off your furniture. But, Flexi-Felt’s self-adhesive pads do not use tape. Their revolutionary, patent-pending felt discs use a commercial grade adhesive that is blended directly into the wool pad. This means that the felt discs are constantly bonding to the bottom of your furniture leg. When weight is placed on cheap felt pads, they compress and become thin until their tape fails and they fall off. When weight is placed on a Flexi-Felt disc, its bond grows stronger.


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