Ordering Felt Online Measure and then Re-Measure

Ordering Felt Online Measure and then Re-Measure - Flexi-Felt Australia

The title isn’t a typo. There’s a saying to measure twice and cut once. This applies not only to when you’re cutting wood, material or anything else. It applies to when you order stuff off the internet. Don’t you hate ordering something, getting it and finding that it’s not the right size.

You know the sizes of your and your family’s clothes and footwear, but do you know the exact size of your chair legs to buy floor protection? In these cases, it’s very important to measure twice before you order, or you’ll end up with the problem of having to return them and re-order. Do it right the first time and save yourself the hassle and frustration. 

If buy chance you do happen to order the wrong size from Flexi-Felt, no problem simply return and we will refund your order or supply the right model.

Just for your information: When ordering Flexi-Felt floor protectors measure the length and width of chair legs that are square or rectangular and the diameter for round legs. If the legs change size in the first inch from the floor, take the measurement at 20mm up from the floor.

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