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    1. Sold Individually
    2. Ultimate Swivel Chair Floor Protector Flexi-Felt’s Ultimate Swivel Chair Leg Floor Protectors are designed for chairs with swivel footings. You may have one of these chairs in your home office – otherwise, they are best suited in schools and universities. With a five-year guarantee, they are the best chair leg floor protectors you could purchase. A durable, moldable material goes on the end of the chair, and then is melted into place. This piece has felt attached on the bottom, protecting your floors and reducing noise typically accompanied with moving furniture.
    1. Sold Individually
    2. No Scratches, No Noise, No Problem, Guaranteed.
    1. Have a look at the videos to the left of screen to see how they work and are installed 
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The Ultimate Swivel Chair Leg Floor Protectors can be installed in less than a minute per chair, using just a heat gun. Even after putting the protectors on, your chairs will be stackable, making them incredibly convenient. Once they are installed, they have a lifetime warranty against removal – on the rare chance that you would like to remove them, it is possible to do so with tools. This feature is important, especially when being used in schools, because children will not be able to remove the chair leg floor protectors. The felt that is found at the bottom is made to last, meaning you will not have to replace them over time.


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