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Straight Plug Ended Tubes


    1. Sold Individually
    2. Straight Plug Ended Tubes, designed and sold by Flexi-Felt, are perfect for a situation where a chair or table legs comes down at a 90-degree angle. These felt furniture feet are round tubes consisting of a piece of thick, durable plastic. The tube is open on one end, which is the end that slides onto the chair, desk, or table leg. The closed end of the tube has a piece of dense felt on the bottom. This felt reduces noise and scratching by letting your furniture slide across the floor.
    1. Sold Individually
    2. Flexi-Felt’s Straight Plug Ended Tubes come in two sizes. The 25mm model fits round tubing of 25mm, and square tubing of 22mm. The 31mm model fits round tubing of 31mm and square tubing of 25mm. The tubes are sold individually.
    3. No Scratches, No Noise, No Problem, Guaranteed
    1. Have a look at the videos to the left of screen to see the difference these floor protectors can make.
Size Guide

Sizing Guide Straight End Plug Tubes

Below is a sizing guide for each of our plug end tube models to fit either a round or square furniture leg. 



6225 22-24mm 25-27mm
6231 25-27mm 31-33mm



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