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Industrial Strength Adhesive Slide Stop 37mm

    1. Sold in Packs of 4
    2. Flexi-Felt’s Slide Stop floor grippers are designed to stop your furniture from sliding around. These textured rubber pads have an industrial self adhesive backing for easy application to your furniture legs.
    1. Sold in Packs of 4
    2. Pre-cut to 37mm round discs 
    3. Flexi-Felt’s 37mm Industrial Strength Adhesive floor grippers are perfect for those furniture items you want to stay put.
    1. Put simply, it’s just a matter of removing the easy to peel backing and applying the rubber grippers to a clean surface. Any weight you apply to your furniture now will only increase the bond. Preferably leave overnight so the adhesive can bond into the furniture. 

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