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    1. Sold Individually
    2. Swivel Chair Floor Protectors by Flexi-Felt are ideal laminate floor protectors. Backed by a five-year guarantee, they will reduce both the noise and scratches associated with moving furniture on a laminate floor. As such, they are the perfect option for those in schools, universities, and offices who use swivel chairs and are in search of laminate floor protectors.
    1. Sold Individually
    2. The laminate floor protectors come in two sizes. The thin model fits a swivel foot up 12mm, and the thick model fits a swivel foot greater than 12mm. They are sold individually, so be sure to buy four if you are looking to complete one chair.
    3. Our Flexi-Felt swivel bases are Guaranteed for 5 years. Why not try them risk free today.
    4. No Scratches, No Noise, No Problem, Guaranteed.
    1. Have a look at the videos to the left of screen to see the difference these floor protectors make in a typical classroom 
Size Guide
Swivel Height


Flexi-Felt’s laminate floor protectors are a bendable, cupped shape with an opening on top. You simply pull back the opening, and place the swivel chair floor protector overtop the foot of the swivel chair. The bottom of these laminate floor protectors has a piece of durable felt, which is what allows the chair to glide across the floor while reducing scratching and noise. The felt consists of a special, soft, high density wool blend that outperforms any other laminate floor protectors available for purchase. 


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