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Industrial Strength Adhesive Felt Pads (24mm x 24mm)


    1. Sold in Packs of 8
    2. When it comes to finding chair floor protectors, there are many options to choose from. At Flexi-Felt, we offer a wide array of options to fit any sized chair or furniture. The 24 mm Industrial Strength Adhesive Felt Pads are the perfect fit for regular sized square chair legs. These square floor protectors come in dark and light colors, ensuring that you will find the perfect fit to match your chairs. They measure 24 mm x 24 mm, and are sold in packs of eight – one pack will protect two chairs.
    1. Sold in Packs of 8
    2. They are ideal for regular sized square chair legs
    3. No Scratches, No Noise, No Problem, Guaranteed
    1. Have a look at the videos to the left of screen to see the easiest way to install these pads.
    2. Put simply, it’s just a matter of removing the easy to peel backing and applying the felt to a clean surface. Any weight you apply to your furniture now will only increase the bond. If you want that extra bit of adhesion for commercial applications, or just some piece of mind so you never have to worry about those scratched floors again, then here’s something else you can do. Once attached you can heat activate the Flexi-Felt with an iron set on polyester. Hold the iron in place for 30 seconds or so and then let cool overnight. This really allows the adhesive to bind into your furniture. 

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