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Industrial Strength Adhesive Felt Discs 38mm


    1. Sold in Packs of 4
    2. 38mm Industrial Strength Adhesive Felt Discs, brought to you by Flexi-Felt, are the best hardwood floor protectors on the market today. While typical felt protectors are made of cheap synthetic polyester, Flexi-Felt’s protectors are a wool blend. The quality of the wool means that Flexi-Felt’s pads can resist up to 25 times more sheer force than competitor’s pads.
    1. Sold in Packs of 4
    2. Pre-cut to 38mm round discs
    3. The Flexi-Felt pads are also very high density, meaning that they will stand up to the test of time. While competitor’s pads will flatten over time due to their cheap construction, Flexi-Felt’s 38mm felt discs will not compress when weight is placed on them. This durability is what makes them the best hardwood floor protectors available. Flexi-Felt’s 38mm felt discs reduce scratches by 50%, protecting your hardwood floors for many years to come.
    4. No Scratches, No Noise, No Problem, Guaranteed.
    1. Have a look at the videos to the left of screen to see the easiest way to install these sleds.
    2. Put simply, it’s just a matter of removing the easy to peel backing and applying the felt to a clean surface. Any weight you apply to your furniture now will only increase the bond. If you want that extra bit of adhesion for commercial applications, or just some piece of mind so you never have to worry about those scratched floors again, then here’s something else you can do. Once attached you can heat activate the Flexi-Felt with an iron set on polyester. Hold the iron in place for 30 seconds or so and then let cool overnight. This really allows the adhesive to bind into your furniture. 

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