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    1. Sold as Pack of 10 to fit one standard chair
    2. Flexi-Felt is concerned about protecting the life of your flooring, and your furniture. Although it does not contain our world-renowned felt, our Office Chair Castor Covers serve as great chair floor protectors. These covers protect your floor from the hard caster wheels that are likely found on the office furniture you have in your home office.
    3. The Castor Cover is a soft, durable cover that slides over the wheels. Once the strip is properly in place, you apply heat to the castors. By applying the heat evenly, the castor cover will mold to the wheel snugly, providing you with a cheap, efficient chair floor protector that has been proven to increase the lifespan of your floors.
    1. 6501 Fits castors with a diameter of 46-51mm
    2. 6502 Fits castors with a diameter of 54-61mm
    3. 6503 Fits castors with a diameter of 67-76mm
    4. If you are using a chair with hard castor wheels, it is likely that you have also been using an expensive floor mat with it, which served as your chair floor protector. Flexi-Felt’s Office Chair Castor Covers eliminate the need for mats. The covers are sold in packs of 10. They fit most standard 5 castor chairs, and are guaranteed to reduce scratches and noise typically created by your office chair while maintaining full functionality.
    5. Stops the need to buy expensive matts for under office chairs
    6. No Scratches, No Noise, No Problem, Guaranteed
    1. Have a look at the install video to the left of screen to see best installation methods. 
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